Saturday, May 30, 2009

Spammers and adding reCAPTCHA to stop them (hopefully)

You might have noticed how many sites ask you to type some text to prove you're human. It's not a great experience and I wanted to spare this step to users. But then... we don't live in a perfect world, do we? 

Well, it turns out I've been attacked by spammers lately. They just submit dozens and sometimes hundreds of fake comments linking to all kinds of crap, from buying Viagra, Cialis or some pet products. This morning I had to delete 1000 fake entries!

So, I said, "enough is enough". I had to find a solution and chose reCAPTCHA. It's easy to integrate to different web technologies (PHP, ASP, Python, etc). Since I'm using Google App Engine for, I had to use the Python implementation. I found this post at the Daily Profeth blog. It's very easy to do and in less than half an hour I had it working. 

So far, works like a charm. I guess it's now a matter of waiting and seeing. Take that, damn spammers!


  1. Nothing is worse than alink to a porn site or something that gets by. Good work

  2. They're still trying to submit hundreds of spam comments each day. But thanks to reCAPTCHA they don't go through. So, it's working!