Saturday, June 27, 2009

Witnessing the Derek Trucks Band live

I think most of us know when we are witnessing something unique, something way above the norm. Specially when it comes to arts, specially music. I got that feeling two years ago when I saw Derek Trucks live with his amazing band. His incredible tone, his interpretation, his musicality. I could tell right away: "He is way above most guitar players out there".

Last night I was lucky enough to see him live again at the Vancouver Jazz Festival. Couple of years later and after listening to his albums many, many times; the feeling is the same. What an amazing talent Derek Trucks has! 

His music vocabulary is so vast. He seems equally comfortable playing his signature slide guitar with soulful passages and then going to blues roots, then he goes to more obscure places and shows us his jazz licks. Fast, slow, explosive, mellow, ice sharp. He's a master in all ranges of the musical spectrum. 

Oh, and he does it with just his 1961 SG re-issue plugged into a Fender Super Reverb. Nothing else. Simplicity at its finest.



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