Monday, July 6, 2009

Finally, Facebook Connect and a new User Management feature!

I'm very happy to announce has now an improved User Management system! You might know already is developed using Google App Engine, which leverages Google Accounts for authentication. You need to be logged-in if you want to submit a bookmark or vote for one. This has been available since day one.

However, TopOfGuitar wants to go beyond that, so User Management is very important for the roadmap of this site. On the other hand, I didn't want to impose our visitors user management just for the sake of it. Making it useful and easy. That's the idea.

Well, that's why I chose Facebook Connect in combination with Google Accounts. The principle is, no need for new usernames! In addition, I want to enable users to connect with each other based on their guitar needs and interests (if you play in a band, or are looking for one, or provide services relevant to guitar players, etc.)

So this is an important step in a series of future improvements aimed at making the best web experience for guitar players! So, wait no more and create your TopOfGuitar user!

Hope you like it!

(you can see my profile here)

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