Sunday, September 6, 2009

Finally... The Guitar Wishlist!!

Think about this: Every year your significant other knows exactly what effects pedal you're missing in your rig. Or what song you want to learn. Or that new DVD with your guitar heroes in it. "See dear, I found the P-90's you've been wanting to upgrade your guitar with", or "John Petrucci's DVD is out and I thought you might want it", or "Honey, I know you love your Tube Screamer, but you've been wanting a Fulltone OCD, that's why I bought it for you"

Yeah, right! Dream on! Maybe you're one blessed individual, but for the rest of us guitar players life is harsh.  Opening that box every birthday, Christmas, anniversary or special occasion is an exercise in frustration. Truth is, we guitar players are some picky bunch and it's a pain for people to find the right gift for us.

That's why I put together The Guitar Wishlist. A tool where guitar players can choose gifts and then tell their friends and family. It is tailored for guitar players and it includes my personal recommendations as well as an engine to display popular items. It has access to thousands and thousands of items, so there's no way you can't find some great guitar gifts!

The Guitar Wishlist is remarkably easy to use. You can either perform an open search (i.e. "John Scofield", "Steve Vai", "fulltone", etc.)

Or you can select from a list of recommendations. This is stuff I thought could be of interest to guitar players. Remember, I've been a guitar player for 20+ years (hint for my friends & family: this is stuff I like)

The items you select get added to the wishlist, which you can modify at any time. When you're done, you have to enter some additional information (title, date, comments) and that's it! Your wishlist is created and ready to be shared with your friends via e-mail or any of the popular social network sites. It's really easy.

I hope you find The Guitar Wishlist helpful. Try it out!

Until next time,

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