Monday, October 19, 2009

First The Guitar Wishlist, now The Guitar Gift Finder!

I've been very active these days! The reason is, I've been spending my time in putting together a great way of finding gifts for guitar players. That is The Guitar Gift Finder, a platform where your friends or significant others can find guitar gifts for you!

It's built on the same technology as The Guitar Wishlist (Amazon Web Services); the only difference is on the intended users. While The Guitar Wishlist is intended for you to tell everyone what gifts you want, The Guitar Gift Finder is for others to find gifts for you!

The concept is simple. As guitar players, we all have preferred styles, guitars or artists. Based on this, people should be able to tell what type of guitar gifts we might like.

Let's say, if you like Stevie Ray Vaughan, chances are you also like Albert King or Buddy Guy. Or you might like the idea of getting a Tube Screamer (or a SRV Fender Signature Guitar).

If you like John Scofield, you might enjoy a Mike Stern album too, right? Or a Vox AC-30. Maybe Bill Frisell.

So, that's the idea. To help other people find gifts for you based on "clues".

Let me show you some screenshots. This is the main screen:

Now, let's say someone selects a Stratocaster guitar. This is what a partial list of suggestions would look like:

Then the users can browse through the results (here there are only 5 results shown). The results can also be filtered by price range:

And that's essentially it! In case you need more ideas, there's also a list of other recommendations available:

That's it for now, hope you find it useful!


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