Monday, November 16, 2009

TopOfGuitar helps you find Guitar Concerts in your area!

Today I am very happy to announce the Guitar Concerts section at! The idea and usage is very simple:

- Select a region in the map.
- See the list of guitar concerts in that area
- Buy tickets by clicking on the event link

With this tool, there's no way you will miss a great guitar concert in your city.

This is a screenshot of what the page looks like:

Let's say you live in Seattle. All you need to do is adjust the map to that region (or select from the list of regions) and a list of guitar concerts will appear. If you want to see more stuff, there's a list of YouTube videos featuring the artists returned by the search.

Then, you'll be so excited and will want to buy tickets right away! At that point all you need to do is click on the event and you will be redirected to, where you can buy tickets.

Don't forget to check it out regularly!


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