Wednesday, April 21, 2010

John McLaughlin - To The One - April 20th

This week we have a new album from a guitar legend: John McLaughlin. The album is titled "To The One", which is apparently inspired in John Coltrane's A Love Supreme

While I am a big fan of John McLaughlin, I have to confess I find a portion of his work a little hard to listen to. Specially some parts of the Indian fusion projects. Although, I realize they have many beautiful compositions and passages. From my personal point of view, I enjoy more his traditional/fusion projects.

To The One promises to deliver in that style, which it's great news for me as a guitar player.

I have been able to listen to the tracks Discovery and The Fine Line, great tunes with all those elements that I admire in John McLaughlin's albums: virtuosity, composition, a superb band, great chemistry and a very personal style.


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