Thursday, May 13, 2010

Andreas Oberg "Six String Evolution" - May 11th

This is great news for guitar players, specially jazz guitar fans like myself! Andreas Oberg new album Six Strings Evolution is out this week. I have to say I wasn't familiar with Oberg's guitar playing until a little more than a year ago. I was absolutely impressed by his rare combination of virtuosity and good taste.

I think I  stumbled upon a video in YouTube where he displayed his amazing technique and jazz playing.

Something like this:

In Six String Evolution, he teams up with musicians the calibre of John Patitucci, Dave Kikoski on keyboards and Lewis Nash on drums.

Here, he explains a little bit more about this project:

Also, few months ago he released a great website,  , which is a video exchange system for guitar lessons. Apparently, he personally reviews the videos and provides feedback.

On the same topic, another great site like this is Martin Taylor's Guitar Academy:


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