Friday, July 30, 2010

Robert Cray - Cookin' in Mobile - July 27th

This week was the release of Robert Cray's new album: Cookin' in Mobile. A live recording from a performance at the Saenger Theatre  in Mobile, Alabama. Like most blues artists, Robert Cray's playing takes a different dimension when performing live. Therefore, whenever a  blues live album is released, I'm always interested!

Cookin' in Mobile has songs such as "Sitting on Top of the World", "Times Makes Two" and a personal favorite like "Smoking Gun". So, for a long time fan of Robert Cray's music and his guitar playing, this album is a great way to revisit his material.

For someone who is new to Robert Cray, then this is a great opportunity to discover some well known material in a live setting, where Mr. Cray definitely shines. 

BTW, this album includes a DVD. 


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